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What is “Financial Operating Excellence”

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We want all of our clients to operate with financial operating excellence.

In order to explain our mission statement, let us put things in a broader context. All churches strive to conduct their Sunday worship service with consistent excellence, right? And the same with Sunday school, youth ministries, recovery programs and missions, right?

And so it goes with financial operations. In order to effectively preach and teach financial stewardship, the church must be practicing financial operating excellence.

So, let’s drill down on the word excellence. associates the following words with the word excellence:

  • Class
  • Distinction
  • Goodness
  • High Quality
  • Merit
  • Purity
  • Quality
  • Virtue
  • Worth

Consider having MinistryCFO run your financial operations. We want to free up our clients so that they have abundantly more time to work on growing their church rather than having to working in their church.

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