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The Value in Church Management Software

It’s All About Connecting with Your People

With the advancements in technology, there have been, naturally, advancements
in church management software.

However, at MinistryCFO, we keep seeing the same problem, which is the fact
that our clients are not fully utilizing their church management software. In
most cases, the utilization of the software is nowhere near full capacity.
The disconnect results from the church not empowering ownership and
responsibility of the software to a designated staff person. This is where
MinistryCFO can step in and help your church. We can effectively become that
designated staff person and thus push the functionality and utilization of the
software throughout your church.

The right church management software will allow you to:

1. Record and track giving transactions,
2. Maintain personal profile information,
3. Provide electronic check-in for children,
4. Record and track volunteer participation,
5. Record and track program participation.

Take the church management software test, by answering the following

How well can you evaluate the relationship you have with each family and their participation in your church through the information you have recorded in your church management software?


Keep in mind that technology empowers us to resource information and see
trends that we otherwise do not know.  As your church has grown, how have you used technology to help maintain apersonal touch?
At MinistryCFO, we can be that designated staff person who is responsible for
the utilization and maintenance of your church management software.