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Why a Thank You System for First–Time Givers is Important

It’s important that you develop a thank you system because If you don’t have a system, then some donations, invariably, are going to fall through the cracks, i.e., you will fail to thank each new donor.

First Time Gift:

Keep in mind that a first time gift is a spiritual decision! It is not a financial decision! The donor is entrusting you with his / her gift of money.


One church that we work with actually thanks each new donor for his / her first, second and third donation! Here’s the how and why on each gift:

  • Each week the donor report is reviewed and all 1st time, 2nd time and 3rd time donors are listed.

  • And then, the following:

    • 1st Time Gift Personal note of thanks from the Senior Pastor. You want to “up the personalization” with the donor by writing them a personal letter. The Senior Pastor inserts a business card in the letter and offers the donor a “next step” by providing the donor with the online giving link.

    • 2nd Time Gift Note written on behalf of the entire AC staff thanking the donor for being a part of the church.

    • 3rd Time Gift Personal note written by Director of Administration thanking the donor for his / her support of the mission of AC.

By the way, this is a big church! I suppose they have approximately 20 new donors each month and yet, the church continues with this extensive thank you system.

Please press download if you would like a copy of these three thank you letters.