Sombra Road

What I like about MinistryCFO is that they tell me what I need to know about my company and they tell it to me in my terminology, not in the accounting jargon that I don’t always understand.

– Tom Carson, President of Sombra Road

Champions United FC

I don’t need a full-time bookkeeper or a full-time CFO but I do need both of them on a part-time basis and that’s exactly what I get with MinistryCFO. And that helps me sleep better at night.

– Scott Bowen, CEO of Champions United FC

Wisdom Hunters

I grew weary of doing the bookkeeping myself. I’m not really a bookkeeper. Plus, our business grew. I am so glad that I decided to outsource the business operations to MinistryCFO. MinistryCFO provides me monthly reports that are accurate and on time.

– Rita Bailey Wisdom Hunters

The Gathering

I could tell, within ten minutes of talking with MinistryCFO, that this group knows the business side of the church world. They work with churches throughout the country and apply the best business practices.

– Jon Langford, Lead Pastor The Gathering

Catalyst church

MinistryCFO has been there for us since the very beginning as they showed us how to incorporate. So it was great to have an industry expert set up the groundwork of my church the right way…from the very start.

– Martin Huggins, Lead Pastor Catalyst Church

Copper Pointe Church

It seems like, all of sudden, we became a big church! We got overwhelmed with the business operations. MinistryCFO came in and righted the ship. I’m glad to say that we’re on an entirely new path, one that is highly functional and manageable. And perhaps most importantly, we understand the business side of our church so much better now!

– Karen Stewart, Copper Pointe Church

Launch Network

We selected MinistryCFO to incorporate us. The process went very well so it was a natural progression for us to have them run all of our business operations.

– Mac Lake, Director of Launch Network

North Point Strategic Partners

Sanford was the fractional CFO for all of our plant churches at North Point. I worked alongside Sanford and saw his business acumen and experience at work helping our plant churches throughout the country.

– Donald Wise, North Point Strategic Partners