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Giving Trends – Part VI – Sporadics

(Part 6 of 7-part series)

To remind you from part 1 of this series, we said that a sporadic donor is a donor who gives a meaningful amount but does not give on a consistent monthly basis.  Here are some quick facts on sporadic donors:

  1. Sporadics give one to three times a year. When they give, it is usually a meaningful amount.Giving-Trends-picture-Sporadics_

  2. Occasionally, it is difficult to distinguish between a tither and sporadic donor. Don’t worry, it’s not a big deal; just pick one of these two categories.

  3. Occasionally, it is difficult to distinguish between a sporadic donor and a marginal donor.  Again don’t worry, just pick one of these two categories.


So what do you do with your list of sporadic donors?   Review the list!

  • If possible, it’s good to know all of your sporadic donors on a personal basisAfter all, they are giving a meaningful amount.  However, keep in mind that they make up only about 15% of your total annual giving.

  • Some of your sporadic donors may have formerly been tithers!  If so, consider taking him or her to lunch and being sensitive to potential financial hardship that may have come their way.

  • Are any of your sporadic donors in a position of leadership in your church?  If so, then you may need to have a conversation with them.

  • Unlike marginal donors, most of your sporadic donors likely have financial margin in their life.  A great way to turn them into tithers is to encourage them to set up online giving on a monthly recurring basis.

  • Unlike tithers, many sporadic donors can probably give more because it’s probably going to be easier to move the giving needle on a sporadic donor than it will be with a tither. 


Closing thoughts:  Sporadic donors run the gamut Some look more like tithers and others look more like marginal donors. Don’t worry about that. Try to move all of your sporadic donors to online giving, and in this process, encourage your sporadic donors to automatically set up their online giving on monthly recurring basis.  Be sure to tell them that monthly giving allows your church to run more smoothly.

Thoughts?  Ideas?  Please share them with us.

Tomorrow, we will conclude our blog series on giving trends.

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