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Why You Should Respond to a Large Donation

Don’t Miss the Chance to Connect and Discover!

In the previous blog, we talked about how to respond to a large donation. So, let’s talk about why you should respond to a large donation.

Here are the three reasons we believe you should always respond to a large donation:

  1. Thank You! You simply don’t want to miss the opportunity to say thank you! If you are one of those church leaders who believe it’s better to not know your donor giving numbers, then you can have your bookkeeper tell you when a particular donor has given a substantial gift. Set a threshold and if any gift reaches that amount or higher, then ring the bell! In such case, you will know the gift was significant but at least you will not know the actual dollar amount of the gift.

  2. Discovery! Something inspired the donor to make the large donation. Find out everything you can on what motivated the donor to give by conversing with the donor (see out next blog: How to Respond to a Large Donation).

  3. Connect! Again, something inspired the donor to make the large donation, so get to know this person! Even if the donor is a long-standing member of your church, it’s still important to re-connect with them. And listen, listen and listen to them because you want to find out why they were so inspired to give!


What do you think? Should a church leader respond to a large donation?