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How to Respond to a Large Donation

Don’t Miss the Chance to Connect!

One mega-church has a large donation policy and that policy is to notify the Senior Pastor whenever the church has received a gift of $20,000 or more.

Once notified, the Senior Pastor telephones the donor to personally thank him or her. In addition, the Senior Pastor asks the donor if he can delve a little deeper into what inspired the donor into making the gift.

If the donor is interested in talking, then the Pastor will ask a range of questions, such as:

  • Was the gift motivated by any particular heart felt story?

  • Is there any specific vision of the church that inspired the donor to give?

  • What does the donor like about the church?

  • Are there any areas that the donor thinks has a need for improvement?

  • Does the donor have any particular desired use for those funds? Do you see what these questions are doing? The questions are creating a conversation, enabling the Pastor to connect with the donor.

These questions provide the Pastor with valuable insight and perspective.

Large donations are usually given by business leaders who attribute their success to having made wise decisions. And don’t forget, that large gift was a decision!