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5 Reasons Why Remote Deposit Is A Really Good Idea!

Put Technology on Your Side! 

Remote deposit capture means the ability to deposit checks from your church without ever having to physically deliver the checks to the bank.

This is accomplished by simply scanning all of the checks from the collection plates to the bank. The counting team will place 50 or more checks onto the scanning feeder and then press the send button to the bank.

This is a great system you should consider implementing for the following reasons:

1)    The donation checks from your Sunday offering can be immediately deposited after the service and will no longer linger overnight, thus providing greater financial control in your collection process.

2)    Your volunteers and your staff will save time because the time to manually process and deliver the checks to the bank will be completely eliminated.

3)    Your collection process will achieve greater accuracy because the remote deposit capture technology will automatically and instantaneously reconcile the total amount of the deposit.

4)    All of the images from the donation checks are now electronically stored and filed and can now be accessed anytime in the future.

5)    Your bookkeeper will save time recording checks into the donor database because the checks will now be conveniently listed for input into your donor database.

6)    MinistryCFO can now be your collections bookkeeper and thus provide you with greater internal control over your collections process. Our bookkeepers can remotely record all of the check information into your donor database for you.

Here’s an illustration of the process, showing where and how MinistryCFO can offload administrative overhead for you:


Your church needs a CFO on a part-time basis.  Let the MinistryCFO team help you transition to remote deposit capture saving you time and money in the process.

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