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What You Don’t Know About MinistryCFO

Why We Like to Talk Behind Your Back About You!


When we work for one of our clients, we are, in fact, working on behalf of all of our clients.  In other words, we proliferate best business practices, industry insights, and cost savings throughout our client network.  We try our best to turn a win that we achieve for one of our clients into a win for all of our clients.

For instance:

  • As we examine new technologies, we are thinking about whether and how this new application will benefit all of our clients. 

  • As we negotiate vendor discounts, we make sure to tell the vendor that we want to include the discount for all of our clients. 

  • When we mine church blogs and come across a great idea, we pass the great idea along to all of our clients. 

We also take on projects for our clients that are unbeknownst to them.  It’s not that we are trying to hide something from our clients; rather, we want to phone in to our clients only after we have completed the work and thus achieved a favorable result for them.

For instance:

  • When we spot a client paying too much for liability insurance, or online merchant fees, or donor database fees and so forth, we contact our preferred vendors in an effort to obtain a lower cost for them.  Only after we have obtained a lower cost do we then contact our client with the lower cost alternative. 

  • We review all new technology applications with our preferred vendors.  We learn and master these new applications and then train our clients on how to effectively use the technology.    

  • Each year, we go online and review the state regulatory status of all of our clients to make sure their filings have been renewed.  If not, we contact the client and offer to do the filing for them. 

So, in one sense, we like talking behind your back about you!  But this is not gossip; it’s about finding ways to better serve our clients.  The most fun for us is when we have completely achieved the win for you –  and the only thing remaining is to tell you about it!

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