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Should You Post Church Financial Info on Your Church’s Website?

Our answer at MinistryCFO is a resounding…YES!

Here’s what we’ve discovered:

  • Members appreciate open financial transparency.

  • However, members seldom, if ever, visit the financial disclosure webpage!

  • Nevertheless, members appreciate knowing that the financial information is there for them to review.

Here’s what we recommend posting on your website:

  • Year-to-Date Revenue

  • Year-to-Date Expenses

  • Budget to Actual

Here’s how we recommend presenting the financial information:

Happy Church
Financial Operations
January 1, 20XX to May 30, 20XX

Actual Budget Over (Under)
Revenue $125,000 $140,000 ($15,000)
Expense $115,000 $120,000 $5,000
Net Income $10,000 $20,000 ($10,000)

Final thoughts:

  • The broader your audience, the less financial information you want to provide.   That is because the greater your audience, the more questions will arise. So keep your information simple and provide your greater audience with only a  50,000 foot view of your financial condition.

  • Posting financial information during difficult financial times can be a good thing for your church. Church leaders can simply ask the congregation and/or individuals to visit the financial website page to see how and where the church is struggling financially.


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