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Stay Focused and On Task!

In my opinion, North Point Ministries’ greatest achievement has been staying focused and on task! With North Point’s success have come the demands of broadening their scope of services and offerings.

These demands come from both internal and external forces. In my experience, however, the external forces are much greater than the internal forces. That’s because North Point is excellent at repeatedly communicating their vision, mission and purpose to their staff.

Wonderful organizations and enthusiast across the board continually contact North Point with their ideas of providing additional service and programming for them. I’ve personally witnessed the following:

  • Can we use North Point’s parking lots to sell Christmas trees?

  • My friend has an exceptional ministry in Mongolia; will North Point consider sponsoring mission trips?

  • I’d like to speak with North Point leadership about teaching on Saturdays.

  • I’ve got some content that I believe North Point could use.,/p>

Don’t get me wrong: these are all wonderful ideas and noble causes. But what if North Point said yes to all of them? Or what if North Point said yes to a few but no to the rest of them? How would the no’s feel?

North Point’s mission statement is to be a church that un-churched people like to attend. Every new idea, both internally and externally, is examined in regard to the mission statement.

What I find fascinating is that, somewhat covertly, North Point intentionally asks its members to commit to five hours (and not a minute more) each week, as follows:


Sunday Worship 1.0

Volunteer 1.0

Small Group Meeting 2.5

Commute Time .5

Total 5

North Point is hesitant in asking for any more time from its members. I suspect North Point welcomes more time, but they are not going to ask for it.

This carefully thought out mission, mindset and structure has kept North Point focused and on task. And most importantly, it helps North Point say no, even when their sentiments are more often yes.