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One Sermon Will Never Create Change

Available Sermon Series Content on Giving

When I worked at North Point Ministries, we conducted several interesting studies. I remember Andy Stanley giving one sermon on giving. I don’t remember the sermon being an outright giving challenge; I think it was more: this is what we can do with your financial generosity talk.

We examined the giving the weeks before, during and following the sermon and what we saw was a temporary spike in giving and then the giving fell back to the normal trend.

Similarly, we listened to a compelling giving challenge by another dynamic pastor of a mega-church. It was really compelling, i.e., I was shaking in my boots ready to write a check! So we contacted the church and asked them whether that particular sermon had a positive impact on their overall giving. Same results: a temporary spike in giving and then the giving fell back to the normal trend.

What we concluded is that stewardship needs to be presented over an extended period of time, as opposed to in the moment. Stewardship begins from the inside (a spiritual commitment coupled with living with financial margin) before it becomes an outside manifestation (tithing). All of that is going to be difficult to capture and process in one sermon, right?

North Point provides some wonderful sermon series packages available for church leaders. Obviously, these sermons don’t need to be re-communicated verbatim; rather, they can hopefully provide some great fodder for you. Below is a synopsis and links to several of Andy’s sermon series:



Want to learn what the Bible says about money? Need a plan to get out of debt? We have developed a new 6-week curriculum called Balanced. Not only will you learn what the Bible has to say about money, but you’ll also be given several practical applications to help you track your spending, pay off debt, come up with a new budget, and more.

We encourage all community groups to participate in this study during the series. For those not in a community group, consider offering a 6-week Balanced Live environment where individuals can discuss the current teaching series and walk through the Balanced financial study.

Also, note that there are some practical tools to download. They are to be used in conjunction with the study.

Message Series:

  1. Opening the Books

  2. Reading the Fine Print

  3. Back in Black

  4. Creating a New Line Item

  5. Managing Your Expenses

  6. Developing A Plan


This five-part CD set contains practical and guilt-free sermons by Andy Stanley on giving, tithing and personal finances. Because of their past experiences and preconceived ideas, communicating to people what the Bible says about money can be a difficult assignment. But you can’t ignore the subject, because how someone handles money has a huge impact on his or her spiritual life. So what are you to do?

Message Series:

1- Avoiding the “Mine” Field

2 – Opportunity of a Lifetime

  1. – Quality vs. Quantity

  2. – Reordering Your Finances 5 – If I Were a Rich Man

(Individual message outlines included)


When it comes to personal finances, it is easy to be lost and not even know it. Some of us start off with bad maps or perhaps take an accidental wrong turn or maybe get distracted by something we think we need. Whatever the reason, once we realize we are lost, how can we find our way back? The task can be daunting, but the good news is that God has given us clear directions to guide the way.

In this 6-part series, Andy Stanley walks us through some of Jesus’ counter- cultural teachings about money management and reveals the truth that we can’t wholeheartedly follow Christ when we’re lost financially. That’s why Jesus said more about this subject than any other.

Message Series:

  1. A Sudden Realization

  2. Moving to Higher Ground

  3. Flashback

  4. You are Not Alone

  5. Finding Shelter

  6. Rescued


Based on 1 Timothy 6: 17-19, the series teaches that from a global perspective almost everyone in today’s American church is already financially rich, and we need to admit it. So the key is, it’s not about learning how to get rich, but about how to learn to be rich in good deeds and generosity.

You can find plenty of advice on how to get rich. But where do you learn to be rich? And how do you define “rich” in the first place? In this four-part series, Andy Stanley moves beyond the “get rich” mentality and explains God’s instructions for the vast majority of us who are already blessed with more than we need.

Message Series:

  1. Congratulations
  2. Daddy’s Money
  3. Dollar Cost Living
  4. Diversify