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North Point’s Approach to Developing a Stewardship Culture

The following are my notes taken from a speech given by David McDaniel (my friend and mentor) at North Point’s DRIVE 2010 conference.

Here’s what David had to say regarding North Point’s strategies in regard to creating a culture of stewardship:

  • You’ve got to establish an ongoing dialogue around stewardship in your church. That includes sermons and small group discussion. Be intentional about creating stewardship terminology within you church.

    • For instance, from Andy’s book, Fields of Gold ( consider developing these terms:

      • Percentage giving

      • Priority giving

      • Progressive giving

    • Get everyone on board with the financial principle of: Give –> Safe –> Life.

      • Stewardship has both revenue and expense components

    • Revenue: develop a culture of generous giving within you congregation.

    • Expense: develop a culture of frugality among your staff.

      • In order to develop a culture of stewardship, you must:

    • Preach It (for more: see Tips on Preaching Stewardship).

    • Teach it (for more: see Tips on Teaching Stewardship).

    • Celebrate it (for more: see Tips on Celebrating Stewardship).

    • Apply it (for more: see Tips on Applying Stewardship).



What else? Any more ideas on how to develop a culture of giving?