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North Point Church’s Top 10 List on Church Policies

We just love this top 10 list and want to share it with you. It speaks for itself.

1. Conversations are more important than policies.

2. Churches gravitate toward law and away from grace.

3. Policies are easy. However, we need to continue to err toward grace and conversation.

4. Churches tend to gravitate toward complexity rather than to stay in simplicity. Not a good idea.

5. What is it that we do best and let’s stay with it? As a church, stay focused on your unique calling.

6. Partner don’t pioneer.

7. Multiple campuses can help us stay focused.

8. Churches gravitate toward preserving and away from advancing. Not a good idea. Nothing belongs to us so don’t’ preserve.

9. Let’s reach rather than keep.

10. Remain open handed.

Consider developing your own top 10 list starting with the ideas above. And post the list throughout your church!