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An Illustration of the MinistryCFO Model

How MinistryCFO Works Behind the Scenes for You

So what exactly is financial outsourcing?  That’s not always an easy concept to explain, particularly to people who are not accountants, which most of us aren’t.

At MinistryCFO, we want to run all of your financial administration so that you are free to spend your time, energy, and talent toward leading and growing your church.

As such, we want to do as much work for you as possible behind the scenes, confronting you only when you need to know the important financial issues and considerations.  We work with your bank and multiple vendors to make sure that your transactions and records are safe, secure, and accurate.  We do many things behind the scenes without your knowledge. It has nothing to do with us keeping secrets. Rather, it’s about not bothering you with the complexities and headaches that arise from financial administration.

Our objective is to have you interact with your three key vendors: a) your bank, b) your church management software provider, and c) your accountant, MinistryCFO. 

Here’s an illustration (click on image to enlarge):


Contact us at MinistryCFO and let us explain more about how outsourced accounting works and how we can manage all of your financial operations for you.




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