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Save on Merchant Processing Fees

 Merchant Processing Fees include fees for processing credit card and ACH transactions.

credit card procesing

Credit Card Merchant Fees

Many of our clients are paying very high credit card merchant transaction fees. One reason for the higher fees is because the business coding of the client is sometimes incorrect, resulting in higher charges. Other times, the vendor decides to subsequently add higher rates and fees. There are over 15,000 processors in the United States, and each processor has its unique pricing system. We vet all vendors to make sure that our clients are working with reputable companies. We have found substantial cost savings for some of our clients.

It is essential that your credit card vendor is PCI Level 1 compliant.  PCI stands for Payment Card IndustryLevel 1 compliant means that the credit card vendor is meeting a set of requirements designed to ensure that the processing, storage, and transmittal of credit card information is maintained, at all times, within a secure environment.

ACH Transactions 

ACH stands for automated clearinghouse, but don’t let these fancy words puzzle you.  ACH is nothing more than simply writing a manual check over the Internet. To initiate an ACH transaction, one simply provides his/her name, bank routing number, and personal checking account number on, hopefully, a secure platform, and then approves the transaction.

Most, if not all, of your online giving transactions occur by way of ACH.

Transaction fees for ACH vary as much as credit card fees.  Similarly, we vet the ACH vendors to verify that you are receiving great customer service and reasonable pricing.

ACH vendors need to be PCI Level 1 compliant, as well.



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