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Improve Your Systems

Consider Taking the SystemsTest

At MinistryCFO, we are big believers in the saying: normal people using good systems will produce great results. Whereas, good people using bad systems will never produce good results.

We see, time and time again, churches holding themselves hostage to antiquated technology and outdated ways of doing things. Loyal and conscientious bookkeepers will do things a certain way because that was how the previous bookkeeper instructed them to do it. Oftentimes, churches will know that there is a new and better way of doing something but they are not confident in making the change themselves. Either the church is not completely confident with the “how” in making the change, or they don’t know who to trust to help them, or both.

One of our greatest joys at MinistryCFO is freeing up our clients from administrative overhead. Some of the new technology enhancements are amazing, and we love to see our clients exhale when they see these new technologies really going to work for them in their church….saving them time, energy, and oftentimes money.

So – do you have that feeling that your systems might need improvement? If so, then please download the 7-question Systems Test. This quick test will help you identify administrative areas in your church that might need an upgrade.

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