Sanford Levings

"Hi, I’m Sanford Levings, President of MinistryCFO and author of this blog. The purpose of our blog is to share with you information and insights that we gather from working with and listening to our clients and partners, located throughout the country." read more

Why Good Systems Matter

Normal people using good systems will produce great results.Good people using bad systems will never produce good results.- Anonymous

Normal people using proven, electronic systems will operate more efficiently than good people still using paper driven, antiquated systems. – MinistryCFO

At MinistryCFO, we really enjoy helping our clients upgrade their operating systems. Sometimes the transition is tedious and frustrating. Sometimes the transition is merely the flip of a switch. But at all times, our clients end up smiling.

  • Good systems will:

  • Save on cost

  • Save on time

  • Reduce sideways energy

  • Result in better output and higher accuracy

When proposing a systems upgrade, we always provide a cost / benefit analysis for our clients: to what extent will the systems upgrade improve the life of the church, and at what incremental cost?

We’ve got a lot of experience and many man-hours spent in making system upgrades, of all kinds, for our clients. The more upgrades we do, the better we are at making the next upgrade. We are always researching and learning on the how to making financial operations and the systems more efficient and cost effective for our clients.