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Giving Trends – Part VII – Final Thoughts

Concluding Thoughts

(Part 7 of 7-part series)

We hope this series has provided you with new ways to analyze and approach your giving base.

Your church may fall outside of our highly predictable giving trends.  Nevertheless, we believe segmenting your donor base three ways (tithers, sporadic donors, and marginal donors) will result in three distinct slices of one big giving pie.

It’s a bit of a challenge explaining in one blog the Tell All Donor Report in part 3 of the series.  So, if you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

In conclusion, these are our goals for you:

  1. To encourage you to consider presenting the Tell-All Report to all of the leaders within the church: the board, the stewardship team, the staff, and key volunteers. Of course, you will want to remove the donor names from the report.

    • We believe that bringing the facts before your leadership teams will help to open up the giving conversation within your church.  Frankly, if all of your leaders have financial margin in their life, then they should their giving should all fall in the top tither portion of the report.

  2. To help you readily identify all of your marginal donors and equip you with ideas and tactics to move your marginal donors to:

  3. To help you readily identify all of your sporadic donors. And similarly, help you move your sporadic donors to becoming tithers.

  4. To remind you and encourage you to know the names of all of your tithers.  And to remind you to thank them.

And thank you for following our series!

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