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Why Financial Education & Stewardship Classes are Important

You Can’t Challenge Insolvent People to Give

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This is what you will find:

  • The top 1/3 of your donors will give on a monthly basis and these donors represent at least 75% of your total church giving!

  • The middle 1/3 of your donors will give sporadically, two or three times a year.

Sometimes these donors will give a meaningful amount.  The bottom 1/3 of your donors will give $10 to $25 on a monthly and / or random basis.

How do we know this? How can we say this with such certainly?

We’ve pulled hundreds of these Donor Reports for our various clients and the reporting results are consistent across the board.

What’s the conclusion?

This report provides you with empirical evidence that 2/3’s of your congregation is not tithing. Some of these donors may have the financial means to give more, that’s another conversation. However, one must conclude that many of these donors may have little to no financial margin in their lives!

This is where financial education classes come into play! What better way to help those who are struggling financially than to offer classes on financial education and stewardship? Churches so often overlook this pervasive malady.