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Save on Payroll Processing Fees

At MinistryCFO, we outsource the payroll processing.  That’s right, we are an outsourcing company that happens to outsource part of our work to another company, which in this case is the payroll processing function.payroll-processing

We choose to outsource payroll processing for one reason and one reason only: We want one expert, from one established payroll processing company, to spend all of her time focusing on the rules, regulations, and nuances regarding the payroll responsibilities for our clients.

We send good business to our payroll-processing vendor. Plus, we know all the information required to set up employee accounts. As a result, our vendor provides us with discounted fees, and we pass these savings to our clients.

Our payroll outsourcer is SAS 70 compliant, and we highly recommend that you work only with SAS 70 compliant vendors. SAS stands for Statement on Auditing Standards and signifies that a service organization has had its control objectives and control activities examined and approved by an independent accounting and auditing firm.



MinistryCFO finds ways to save you money.  Let the MinistryCFO team handle your payroll processing operations and save you money in the process.


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