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Save by Automating Systems

Put Technology on Your Side!

As we’ve mentioned throughout some of our previous posts, MinistryCFO is focused on automating your administrative systems.

Paper transactions are fast becoming a thing of the past, and for good reason.  Paper transactions are slower than electronic transactions, more prone to human error, and the electronic filing of documents is light years ahead of filing hard copy records into metal cabinets.

We see many churches still living in the antiquated, paper-pushing world. One particularly large client had three full-time employees physically handling the church’s receipts and disbursements. Proper automation would reduce the employee count from three full-time employees to one part-time employee.

You don’t have to automate everything at once. At MinistryCFO, we like to automate one system at a time. We thoroughly enjoy seeing our clients experience new found freedom and efficiency by automating their administrative systems.

Systems that we are experts in automating include:

  • Internet banking download into Quickbooks
  • Credit card merchant download into Quickbooks
  • Payroll download into Quickbooks
  • Recurring transactions in Quickbooks
  • Remote deposit capture to Bank
  • Remote deposit capture to church management software
  • Online giving download into church management software
  • Text reader Integration into church management software



MinistryCFO finds ways to save your money. Let MinistryCFO help you automate your administrative processes, which will reduce employee cost and increase accuracy at the same time.


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