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Capital Campaigns vs Annual Giving Campaigns

In general, capital campaigns are more easily understood and identifiable. For instance, most of us know that:

  • A capital campaign is a time-limited effort by a church to raise significant dollars for a specific project. As such, capital campaigns have a beginning and an end, but often span several years.

  • Often the money raised is to fund the acquisition, construction, or renovation of a building or to fund an extraordinary expenditure such as an expensive piece of equipment.

  • The capital campaigns employs all the usual means of raising funds such as direct mail and direct solicitation.

  • Capital campaigns require extraordinary preparation  an skillful execution.

On the other hand, annual giving campaigns tend to be more of an ambiguous concept. Consider the following regarding annual giving campaigns:

  • An annual giving campaign is best described as a campaign conducted each year for the purpose of raising money to sustain a church’s regular, ongoing expenses.

  • Other names for an annual giving campaign include the following:

    • Annual stewardship

    • Generosity campaign

    • Giving increase campaign

  • An annual giving campaign really isn’t a campaign. Rather, an annual giving campaign involves developing new strategies and tactics to increase giving awareness and making giving a regular conversation within you church.

  • As such, new strategies and tactics are not cyclical in nature. In other words, you don’t have to re-visit these strategies and tactics each year. Rather, you will simply refine them as time progresses.


Where is your church today with regard to both the capital and annual campaign?