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5 Ways to Increase Giving Awareness

It’s All About Connecting with Your Donors

What are the best ways to increase giving awareness in your church? Here’s what we believe:

1)   Tell Stories

  • People remember stories. Take a moment and try to remember a compelling story of a person giving their life to Christ. Reflect on the details of the story. Are you surprised at the amount of recall you have?

  • People relate to stories. We all have our trials in life. Trials are a fundamental component of the human experience. People who have experienced our same struggles…they are like kinfolk to us!

  • Stories are emotional. What about people finding eternal purpose in their life, who were previously lost? These stories leave us in tears.

  • Stories honor God. Life changes starts with the spirit of God coming to

2)   Provide Statistics (Data)

  • Most people don’t remember data.

  • Stats are.. static. No pun intended.<

  • However,statistics give validity to stories, so be sure to wrap statistics around great stories.

  • Statistics are great at reminding us of the total impact.

3)   Recite Scripture

  • Scripture supports giving.

  • Scripture instructs us on how to give.

  • Scripture is a fairly reliable source!

4)   Celebrate Wins

  • Celebrating wins gives recognition to God. Specifically, it reminds us that God has come through with His provisions for us.

  • Celebrating wins is actually a form of worship.

  • Celebrating wins revitalizes us. It provides necessary recharging in us before we take on the next challenge.

  • In our experience, celebrating tends to be greatly overlooked and thus underutilized.

5)   Demonstrate

  • In the book, Influencer: The Power to Change Anything, the authors contend that one of the most effective ways to effect change in human behavior, is to demonstrate to people on how to make a change in their life.

  • Consider demonstrating the process of making an online donation to your congregation or to a particular group in your church.

  • Similar to celebrating, demonstrating is overlooked if not non-existent.


What else? What others ways do you know to increase giving awareness? Please let us know because any and all new idea that help increase giving awareness is, indeed, a great idea!