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4 Ways to Collect Donations

Do You See What’s Happening before Our Eyes?

Ok, you are well aware of these 4 ways to collect donations, right? The bigger question is whether or not you are aware of the trend that is taking place and what are your doing about it?

Let’s touch on each collection process:

  1. Collection Plate – This is the tried and true method of collecting most donations, but it’s slowly, but surely, going the way of the dinosaur. If you don’t believe us, then please read the post: Why Electronic Checks Trump Manual Checks.

  2. Snail Mail – Somewhere between 5 and 15% of the manual checks that don’t make the Sunday collection plate, end up getting mailed in to your church.

  3. Electronic Deposit – This is how all money derived from online giving, giving kiosks and telephone giving apps is collected. This is how Generation X and Generation Y are making their donations. They are not writing manual checks and placing them in the offering plate! They don’t even know what a manual check looks like!!!

  4. Funds / Stock Transfer – This is the most obscure collection process; however, it is the only process available for a donor who desires to give public securities to a church. That is, a church must have its own brokerage account in order to effectively receive a public security.

Here are the trends we are seeing:

  • Online giving is steadily increasing each year. Most churches are seeing at least 30% of their giving coming from online giving. Whereas, some churches are experiencing online giving as high as 50% of total giving. (Amazingly, we see some churches that still don’t offer online giving).

  • Telephone app giving is the next up and coming technology offering. Your bank must provide the technology in order for you to offer telephone app giving. Telephone app giving is amazing because it allows the donor to make a donation in the moment.