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3 Unique Skill Sets Essential for Church Success

E-Myth-RevisedIf you accept the premise the your church is a business, then consider what Michael Gerber says in his book, The E-Myth Revisited (Why Most Small Business Don’t Work and What to Do About It).

Gerber contends that, in order to succeed, every small business must have these 3 unique skill sets job, and thus responsibilities in place:

1. Technician is an expert at his / her craft.

Examples include Worship Service Programmer, Family Ministry Leader, and Community Group Leader.

Who is this in your church?

2. Enterpreneur is the dreamer who is always looking toward the future. Is this the Senior Pastor?

Who is this in your church?

 3. Manager is detail oriented and should be the person(s) who pays the bills, the person in charge of the facilities. Examples include the bookkeeper, the person supervising the church management software, and the facilities manager.

Who is this in your church?

Without a great entrepreneur, the church is going to languish.

Without a great technician, the worship service is going to be less than excellent.

Without a great manager, the lights in the office are going to go out!


At MinistryCFO, we can assist you in identifying, hiring and equipping these three individual skill sets.