Why MinistryCFO

Who We Are

MinistryCFO is a team of seasoned industry professionals who partner with you to advance the financial well-being of your organization. We champion a long-term, personalized approach to growing your church or ministry. Building on decades of accounting experience within corporations, churches and nonprofits, MinistryCFO takes organizations beyond spreadsheets and P&Ls to create a clear strategy for financial success. At MinistryCFO, we pride ourselves on being an investment for your organization, rather than a cost.

MinistryCFO Team

With MinistryCFO, you are not hiring a person or a bookkeeper. Rather, you are hiring a team of financial workers. The key to our success is the efficient and dynamic team approach that we foster at MinistryCFO. Our Controllers work closely with the Bookkeepers. Both the Controllers and the Bookkeepers know when to contact a CFO for help. All of the work is constantly being pushed down to the lower price levels in order to save our clients money.

Although churches and ministries do not need full-time Controller’s or CFO’s, they certainly need these experts on a part-time, fractional basis. Your church or ministry will run into complex business situations, there will be a need for financial analysis, there are better systems integration strategies, and your bank will need to talk to an industry expert… and that is where our Controllers and CPA’s move in to help you.

Problems We Solve

  1. How can we manage cash better?
  2. What accounting system should we use?
  3. What church management software (donor database) should we use?
  4. How do we upgrade our bookkeeping? We shuffle lots of paper- how can we do more things electronically?
  5. How can we make our Profit & Loss Statement more understandable?
  6. How can we better budget the next 12 months?
  7. Governance: Who is really running the church vs who should be running the church?