Our Mission

MinistryCFO is church accounting for the twenty-first century. We are your back office support for all of your business operations. MinistryCFO wants to improve your financial operations by automating and coordinating your bookkeeping, donor database, online giving and other administrative systems, thus bringing greater security, functionality and clarity to the business side of your church. We are dedicated to saving you time and money in the process. Let MinistryCFO, the industry experts, take care of your tedious day-to-day business operations so that you will be free to focus your time, talent and energy on your mission.

Church Accounting

Church Accounting

MinistryCFO is the outsourced solution to all of your church bookkeeping needs. We are your back office support for all of your business operations. We are dedicated to saving you time and money.

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Church Management Consulting

Church Management

MinistryCFO provides church management services so that the Pastor and church leaders can go out into the community and focus on fulfilling the mission that God has called them to.

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Church Financing

Church Financing

MinistryCFO can provide strategic financial planning and management for your church capital campaign. At MinistryCFO, we have a deep understanding of the church industry.

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Healthy Churches Have Good Financial Roots

MinistryCFO Will Help You Grow

Outsourced Bookkeeping

All great companies, including churches, understand their customers, right? Let MinistryCFO help you identify and categorize your donor base. By better understanding your donors and their behavior patterns, the better you will be at developing and fostering the giving conversation. Regarding the giving conversation, we want to help you move the giving message away from having to make direct asks for contributions and toward a process where fundraising becomes a predictable, comfortable and ongoing conversation within your church.

MinistryCFO is the outsourced solution to all of your church bookkeeping needs.

It is imperative that church leadership do their utmost best to have clear, transparent, and accurate bookkeeping practices. As stewards of the money, you have a great responsibility to ensure that every tithe is tracked and accounted for. Members of the church are more willing to tithe when they trust that church leadership is properly managing the church’s finances and directing the funds appropriately. MinistryCFO can provide the back end support you need so that you can focus on your ministry. We provide the transparent and accurate bookkeeping support your congregation expects and deserves, freeing up your time to further your mission.

Our process will improve the financial operations of the church by automating your bookkeeping, donor database, online giving, and administrative systems. As an outsourced bookkeeper, we are experts at what we do and add a level of security to your financial operations.

Church bookkeeping needs are different from for profit businesses. We understand these nuances and can assist with the following:

  • Prepare monthly financial statements to be reviewed by the leadership team, Board, and Elders. We are available for helping explain monthly changes as needed.
  • Prepare tithing reports. Each member and documented visitor that tithes will receive an accurate tithing report at the end of the year to use for tax purposes. These reports can be printed out upon request.
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